About Us

Lynden and Brendan are two snake people, err millennials, with a strong desire to absorb cultural experiences who are sometimes willing to do the impractical en route. They are not country counters but rather experience seekers and they do not hide from their desire for comfort when on the road. Don't take that to mean they seek luxury hotels and first class flights but trust they know their limits [they once packed up mid-stay and swapped budget lodging for 5 star resort].

Lynden is currently pursuing her PhD which allows for flexibility in work and travel. Brendan does spreadsheets for some transportation provider - he plans to create spreadsheets over the summer to ensure a smooth transition on return. They also enjoy college football games, pastries, and their cat Princess who was unable to make the journey but has agreed to guest post.

The two of them will spend 91 consecutive days on the road together. Brendan, who is not qualified in any way to be a writer, will be the primary blogger. Follow along to see if they make it all the way around the world together.