Reflection in an Unusual Time

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Yesterday I received an email from Google Domains, this website's host, letting me know that OneWorldLeftBound is up for renewal. For reference 99% of emails I receive get deleted within minutes (current inbox count is two). There is no reason to renew the site other than it only cost $12 to put that decision off one more year (and archive all those posts you folks didn't won't read).  So here I am with a perhaps unexpected life update that just might give your inbox an unread email that isn't some company letting you know how they are changing their hours, policies, and cleaning protocols.

I'm fortunate today to be employed and healthy. I'm not one to stand on a soap box and I'm surely not going to touch the hot topics of politics and pandemics. The simple fact is we now live in extraordinary times. I stay home far more than I would ever like and I do it because I believe it's the right thing to do. Yet if there is one thing I struggle to adapt to it is the absolute shutdown of the travel and tourism industry. I still check every travel forum, blog, and tracked flight for no reason other than creating a semblance of my former reality.

A few weeks ago I went for my annual physical and my doctor (shout out to Doug) asked - like he always does - what's new? A strange question for someone you see for fifteen minutes a year. The last time I spoke to him I told him I was planning a round-the-world trip, and so here I was reminding him of that thing we talked about that he surely forgot days after I told him. He was fascinated if only for a few minutes. How did I manage to get that kind of time off? Where did we go? How did we get around? The questions I'm accustomed to after six months of being home. Then came the obvious diversion: good thing you aren't going this year.

It was the summer of our life. Everything from the 17 hour luxury plane rides to 4 hour shared train compartment without A/C. The experience is a never-forget kind of time. I can retrace so much of each day better than I can retrace yesterday. Everyone that asks about it says they wish they could do it and I say if you can, you should. Yet now here I am thinking of what if it was 2020. What if I was saddled rearranging, more likely cancelling, over twenty different hotels and flights. That would have been the most devastating summer of our lives.

We live in historic times. I can't beat around that fact. In my opinion this is the defining twist in my livelihood. Perhaps that of many of you too. No, it isn't a world war and it isn't the great depression. It's something very different. It is a public health and economic calamity that we must rationalize without physical human interaction, the lifeblood of any modern society.  Every once-obvious decision has to be weighed and calculated with regard to someone else's well-being.

We all look forward to a return to normalcy. Perhaps that is why I still furiously look at flights, hotels, and destinations - hoping to one day board an airplane and return to dreading going back to the office. In time we will. For now, be safe and smart.


  1. This was THE best email to wake up to. Thank you thank you Bren for this breath of fresh air post. You really said it all so well. I hope this is as uplifting to everyone who takes the time to read this. I so loved reading this last year and just woke up to another wonderful post. AND ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SON !!!������


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