Missouri Table Wine, In Tuscany

On our second to last night of this OneWorldLeftBound summer we were treated to an absolutely lovely night. The afternoon started with a group hike and we followed that with a wine tasting at a small organic winery. After having a few tastes we bought a couple of bottles and headed to what may be the best dinner of the entire trip. We don't have any photos of this dinner because it was just to in the moment to think about capturing it. To set the scene, we were at the lovely La Forra agri-tourism resort, which is located at the top of a small Tuscan town. We ate with our friends and their family, ten of us in all, on an outdoor patio as the sun set and the lights of Florence began to shine below. As if that wasn't enough they flew in a highly regarded chef from Brooklyn to make the dinner (I kid you not, but that isn't why she was there). The food was fabulous and innovative with pastas, soups, and of course tiramisu in a jar. Its a night we will never forget and one more reason we can't wait to go back.

However that wasn't the end of the memorable night. After dinner we drove back to our friend's home for a nightcap in the yard before getting to sleep. Our instructions were to pick a bottle of wine from their collection and open it, they would join us shortly after putting the kids to bed. This is after all one of the world's most famous wine regions and one should enjoy being there as best they can. Perhaps we were a bit drunk from the fabulous evening, or just assumed any bottle of wine would be great, but (Lynden) we grabbed the bottle most accessible and proceeded to enjoy it. When my friend arrived he was perhaps confused why we had chosen the Missouri table wine to drink - as if we needed any proof our palates were not discerning.

On our final night we spent in Rome we did a lot of reflecting on the overall experience. We have been to Rome before and had seen all of tourist sites, with the Trevi Fountain being an "exception" because it was under construction last time. So we went to see it in all its most-reviewed glory and the crowds weren't as bad as I imagined.

Now we are back on US soil. It took a subway to a train to a plane but we are back! I have this website for a year so at some point I plan to get around to adding photo updates, but in the meantime here are a handful from Italy worth highlighting.

Trevi Fountain

Pasta in Rome

Missouri Table Wine!

View from Dinner

View from the house in Tuscany

A Small Tower

The Gondola Experience

Venice by Night 
Florence by Night