Italy and Wrap Up

I'm still out here on the road. I know it has been a while since the last update and I don't have much of an excuse for that. We are currently in Moncioni which is a small community in Tuscany where a very good friend of mine resides. Its been a wild seven nights in Italy with my parents through Milan, Venice, and Florence where we toured every corner of each city as best we could on foot - many days with more walking than Lynden and I would do on our own.

There were also a couple more hikes in Switzerland and a train ride through the alps. It was very scenic and easy to understand why it is one of the best train rides in the world. 

Italy is fabulous as always and we really enjoyed hiking in Switzerland but that's not why I'm checking back in with an update. This one is actually going to be photo free which is a letdown I'm sure. Over the past week I've significantly cut back on the photography as my dad has done much of that work and I've played tour guide instead. Its not to say there aren't a ton of photos from Venice which was really cool, or Pisa where we managed to express visit the tower - I'll share the photos when I get around to cleaning up the thousands we took over the summer.

I'm writing this to comment on our overall experience and what we are doing going forward. We were originally scheduled to be here until Sunday the 1st, however one of my closest friends just welcomed a baby boy and we wanted to be there for a special moment of their's. We also are starting to realize that traveling is fun but it isn't the social life we need. So we are coming home a few days early to try and get a jump on apartment searching and managing our return to a normal life.

This experience has been amazing and fulfilled my constant urge to travel. It never felt too long and it never felt different than any other vacation because we kept going to new places. We managed to find a perfect balance of active and relaxed that allowed us never to be truly exhausted of vacationing. We didn't perfect the art of long term travel but we found our niche. I wouldn't say it has ended my desire to travel; there are plenty of places I still want to go. I do think I've come closer to accepting that this was a trade of time now for time later and we did a great job of taking advantage. 

I hope our experience can help others and while I'm usually not a fan of talking about my travels I realize that is a part of this experience and I need to share it. I'll try get out one more update on my final thoughts next week, and more photos for sure. I want to thank everyone who did follow along for doing so and supporting us in this adventure.


  1. Ezra is incredibly touched that you’ll be there for his special day. And we’re happy too 😊


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