A Tiny City

Leaving Budapest was no easy reality for me as I had come to love the city for its warm hospitality, low prices, and ease of mobility - but part of this trip is learning what we love so we can better empower ourselves for future activities (if we can ever afford to take more time off).

We did manage to check off the two major attractions on the other side of the Danube, the Citadella and Fisherman's Bastion with all its castles and churches. The views are fabulous from the top but there wasn't a ton else in close proximity. We didn't venture much beyond that on the Buda side because honestly the side we were on had a never ending offering of things to see, eat, and do.
View of Fisherman's Bastion

View from Fisherman's Bastion
Statue of Liberty

Hilltop Views

We checked out the parliament building - it is quite enormous. We rode the small underground - line 1 - too many times before realizing how old it really was. We indulged in local delicacies of chimney cake (kürtőskalács) and dobos torte. We also visited the local salad chain to make our own meals which was a relief given all the heavy eating we have done. All in all we covered a ton of ground in Budapest before leaving.

Chimney Cake - Very Healthy

Vajdahunyad Castle

Millennium Monument

The train from Budapest to Bratislava was sadly not an enjoyable experience. We ended up seated in a six seat booth with two other people who thankfully ignored us because they were, lets call it dim. The real misery was the minimal air conditioning. For three hours in a sweaty train car we passed time watching Netflix and making plans but it was not something to relive. There were a couple other cars with more decent airflow but they were entirely full by the time we realized what we were dealing with.

Bratislava is tiny. One of the smaller capital cities in the EU, especially relative to the size of the country. The old town can be circled time and time again in one day. There are some things to see and do here which is good news considering we are spending five nights (I can't imagine anyone spends that long here). The first full day we visited Devin Castle which is mostly destroyed thanks to many historical events but it leaves impressive views of the converging rivers and Austrian countryside. Other than that we've been meandering and picking off smaller sights one by one, such as the "UFO bridge" and the "blue church". Some of the architecture is brutal, but that is what gives it charm.
Devin Castle

Danube Views

Danube Cruise

UFO Bridge

Europop - The Blue Church

Slovakian TV HQ

Tomorrow we are taking a day trip to Brno. It will give us something to do and we can Czech off one more country for those counting. It looks similarly small and quaint providing a castle and other similarly quirky features. After that we will wrap up Czechoslovakia and head to Vienna!

Enjoy my hidden puns! Its the least I can do.