Shrimp on the Barbie

Lynden has been repeating that line every time I bring up our impending travels "down undah" and trust me the accent isn't very good.

We have been slowly making our way New Zealand over the last 24 hours. We spent some time in the Malaysia Airlines first class lounge where we were personally greeted at the entrance and walked to the dining room where we at all by ourselves in the restaurant until someone arrived halfway through our meal (and managed to complain his plate was dirty). After eating we went to the seating area which was private once again. After about twenty minutes we kindly asked the staff if we could move to the business class lounge. When asked why we said we can only handle so much silence. It was a truly lovely space but perhaps not worth the investment given the number of people using it. The business class lounge was more our style. Still quite nice and yet busy enough to feel comfortable. The flight to Singapore was short and uneventful but still we can say we made it through a flight on the airline.

Golden Lounge - More Like Private Lounge

Am I Rite

Nah, Just Golden

Well this morning we arrived on southern hemisphere soil and it feels great. Neither of us got close to a full night sleep on our eight hour business class flight on Qantas. The seat was fine, the food was good, but at the end of the day there is only so much rest one can get on a flight of that length. We arrived bright and early at 7 in the morning and made it through customs rather quickly. This despite our scramble to get an electronic travel authority approval while in Singapore, which is essentially a digital allowance to enter the country that I had no idea was required. We covered a ton of ground around the CBD in Sydney basking in the crisp fifty degree sunshine. It was a marked difference from our ability to tour around the previous few places in humidity and high temps. We saw the opera house, harbour bridge, botanitcal gardens, and tower eye. Of course there was a stop for an Australian breakfast, coffee, and a fridge magnet to add to the collection. We took the train there and back for a short but eventful four hour tour of Sydney all while staving off the desire to nap in the park.

Harbour Bridge - Too Early to Climb It

Opera House

Tower Eye from Hyde Park

We are now waiting for the flight to Christchurch from the Qantas first class lounge which has a lovely a la carte dining menu and marble bar. There is also a split flap departure board which I find a great change from the boring digital ones found all over - sadly it displays every codeshare as a separate line (no there aren't nine flights to Singapore at the same time). The lounge also has an amazing view of the runway and city skyline in the background. Its easy to see why this is one of the more coveted lounges worldwide.

Split-Flap Flight Board

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