On to New Zealand - and sports!

After spending a significant amount of time in Malaysia we're ready to say goodbye to Asia and summertime. Tomorrow we fly to New Zealand a couple days earlier than originally planned. We were able to find award flights in business class with a less than ideal routing of Kuala Lumpur - Singapore - Sydney - Christchurch. What is nice is the layover in Sydney will be long enough to provide us a chance to see a few things and get a Aussie style brunch. It will also put a stamp on our passport for anyone counting.

While our new routing isn't the most convenient it does provide something I've always wanted to do which is fly Malaysia Airlines. More impressive is we are flying with them on the World's Busiest International Route which I assume is solely based on capacity since its such a short flight but without regional jets. I digress.

As a long time OneWorld frequent flyer getting to try all the airlines has been a secret admiration of mine even if I never get to them all. For anyone interested here are the ones I have (and will) fly by the end of the summer.

American Airlines
British Airways
Cathay Pacific
LATAM (technically both LAN and TAM)
Japan Airlines
Royal Jordanian (fifth freedom, have fun learning about that)
Malaysia (forthcoming)
Qantas (forthcoming)
Qatar (forthcoming)

and of course if you haven't closed the browser window yet here are the ones I have yet to fly:
Sri Lankan

We are both ready to be done with Asia. We checked into a small apartment-hotel for the last couple of nights here so we could do some kitchen cooking and spend some time at "home". There is plenty of excitement for the next leg of our adventure. It will be a totally different scene. We look forward to providing many photos in future updates that focus on nature and landscape and less on food (but there will be food). I'm also very excited to find craft beer regularly (though I love Tiger lah) and there will of course be vineyards too!

Sports! Here's something I've found interesting after being away for a month - I have lost significant touch with American sport. The specific problem is traced to the fact that ESPN redirects to the "global version" when overseas. It highlights the rest-of-world interests like soccer, tennis, and cricket. Why mention this? Well for one I feel very disconnected from my usual love of baseball, but also I've watched more cricket this week than ever before. It turns out the ICC World Cup is happening and as Malaysia has a heavy Pakistan-Indian-Bangladeshi-Sri Lankan culture. That means a lot of establishments are televising the matches. When we arrive in New Zealand on July 9th they [NZ] will be playing India in the semi-finals. I have no idea how big of a moment that will be (or if they stand any chance to win) but should they pull through I imagine plenty of fanfare for the final a few days later.

So now you know there is a Cricket World Cup happening. You're welcome.

Thanks for keeping up and look forward to better and more exciting updates soon.
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