Jet-lagged Again

Hi everyone and sorry for the long gap between posts (as if anyone cared).

We are currently in Budapest after a lengthy travel from Auckland via Doha. If there is one thing I'm willing to accept after this unbelievable journey its that flying can be luxurious but its still flying and therefore comes with the same exhausting results. Our 17+ hour flight to Doha in our Q Suite was a fabulous experience and I can't even imagine someone wanting to fly that long in economy (not that I haven't done similar lengths before). There is no shortage of information on the internet regarding Qatar Airlines' Q Suite so I'll spare all the details but what I found most amazing about our private double seat was the ability to do all sorts of yoga stretches from my seat. This meant being able to keep loose without standing up. Yes the food was great and being able to order on demand was nice. The wine was excellent and the TV screen was enormous (though the editing of mature content was a bit excessive). For 17 hours you can't do much better but I also don't know how anyone justifies the cost if its their (deep) pocket.

The Q Suite

Second Longest Commercially Operated Pre-Flight Drinks

Continuing on the trend of over the top luxury we spent what amounted to the night (Doha time) in their stunning business lounge. The lounge is also enormous with two floors and multiple dining areas. If you want photos just search Al Mourjan Business Lounge, there are plenty better shots than I could have provided. That being said its not the kind of place worth spending a night again - rather something best enjoyed for a couple hours midday with a nice drink and a meal. The airport itself was vast with long never ending walkways and sweeping views of nothingness into the desert. I can't help but wonder what chaos the world cup will bring in 2022.

Hamad Airport Artwork

Hamad Airport Artwork

So now we are here in Europe. Its day three for us and the first two were a battle with the ten hour time change. The first day we barely made it to 9pm. Last night we managed to stay out past dark and today we have hopes that the worst is over. Its such a beautiful city and we hate losing time due to jet lag. Yesterday (Monday) we visited the great synagogue. A building with such similarity to a cathedral is very unusual but the detail is amazing. There are also exhibits on WW2 and the role of Budapest in the Nazi movement and holocaust. The city has a lot of history and it shows in all the architecture on both sides of the river.

Synagogue from the Entrance

Ark - Aron Kodesh

We are staying on the Pest side of the city in the recently restored Parisi Udvar. The hotel's interior and exterior have been fully refurbished for its recent opening. Since the hotel is quite new there is a lot of learning involved and the staff are doing a stellar job, but the one thing I find most amusing is much of the foot traffic in the lobby is passers-by wanting to see the interior. We are fortunate to be able to see more than just the lobby and I would recommend a stop in just to look for anyone visiting. While we have taken some photos here's a great (Hungarian) write up showing excellent detail.

Hotel Lobby Dome


Parisi Udvar Facade

Today we are finally off to the other side of the city to see the castles and monuments as well as the views of the city from lookout points situated in those attractions. We will try to take more photos as we have definitely cut back over the last week or two and I can't imagine anyone prefers reading over looking - Instagram isn't popular for its captions.

Hungarian Parliament 

Dohany Street Synagogue 

Great Market Hall

St. Stephen's Basilica


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