Welcome To The Tropics

We've been on the ground for a few days now and acclimating to life on the go quite well. It isn't to say everything has been smooth but for the most part I think we are doing okay. We have been fortunate to spend these initial days with some close friends who have helped tour us around. This is my second visit to Singapore and Lynden's first, but the prior visit was really a whirlwind of "welcome to Asia" whereas this time around we are pretty self sufficient.

Highlights from the first couple of days include the Botanical Gardens, Hawker Centres, lots of good coffee and a haphazard visit to Gardens by the Bay. The weather has been predictably hard to predict which is what we had prepared for. On and off downpours, oppressive humidity and cool breezes in-between. The real benefit to having so much time on our hands is we don't need to rush through the bad weather to get things done and that has afforded us a couple relaxing moments for ice cream and browsing stores.

I figure I would share what I assume will be the first of many mishaps on the journey. Lynden and I decided to get dinner on the most remote corner of the well known Gardens by the Bay tourist area. On the map it seemed like a bit of a walk but nothing we couldn't handle. The map appeared as such:

However it turns out the side of the road Google directed us to matter - significantly. While the map route suggested the west side of the road for the northbound stretch I crossed to the east side. There was a sidewalk and this being Singapore with everything notoriously planned out it seemed odd the sidewalk had no lighting and wasn't well manicured. I probably should have taken pause and reevaluated. We walked a few hundred meters north before noticing the sidewalk ended. There appeared to be a dirt trail leading to the eastbound path we were to meet up with and I thought maybe we could manage. That was - until I realized my feet were being swarmed with small ants biting everywhere. In the moment of panic we both ran back south to lighted paths in the tourist area and furiously removed shoes, socks, and ants. Once we were in the park the map rerouted us through a well lit much more reasonable path. It seemed silly that we had to go through all of that but we will chalk it up as a learning experience. In the end we got our satay and all is well. Here are some photos from the first couple days.


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    1. We'll see who brings in more honey!

    2. Hopefully the Satay was worth it.

    3. Unsure the satay alone was worth it, but the whole experience definitely.


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