Visitors! & Reflection

Hello from the lovely capital of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Its been a few days since we have provided an update and that is due to a myriad of factors, but the most outstanding reason is we have been spending the last two days with some friends who visited from New York. We had an absolute blast giving them their first experience on the continent complete with local street food, temples, and of course a tropical rainstorm. They did an excellent job of meeting their goals for those two short days while handling the inevitable jet lag. It was also a chance to remind us how easy we have been taking it as we found ourselves exhausted by the end of both days.

Among the highlights of the first few days are a couple of rooftop bars both extremely different in style. The first was the 53rd floor at the Banyan Tree  that had a "social hour" offering impressive discounts for a 5 star hotel. The second was an inconspicuous helipad at the top of a generic commercial building called Heli Bar. One was luxury the other was truly unique, both afford amazing views of KL's most iconic landmarks - the Petronas towers and the Menara.
Heli Bar

Heli Bar - Petronas Towers

Banyan Tree - Menara KL

We also visited the Batu Caves which is a Hindu temple nestled deep inside a network of immense caves at the top of a set of colorful but daunting stairs. There were all sorts of wildlife to be found inside including monkeys, chickens, pigeons, and a dog.

Batu Caves

Colorful stairs to the top

Inside the caves

On our second day we struggled were caught off guard by torrential rains but managed to visit the Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia and the KL Butterfly Garden. The museum was full of curious artifacts explaining the relationship between the far east and the middle east. The butterflies were out in full force one the rain stopped. It provided a great mix of culture and nature.

A butterfly that let us photograph it

Michael performing a traditional tune

Islamic Arts Museum

In between all of this there was plenty of food. So much that by the end of the second day I think we may need a cleanse of sorts to get us back on track but it has all been well worth it.

When we arrived in KL a few days ago we were most looking forward to lowered expectations on seeing things and cooler weather. After being here for a few nights I can confidently say that was very true and this might be my favorite city yet. It isn't as walkable as we would like but the scenery is so lush and the parks provide ample opportunity to get away from the city. It also helps to have a pool to cool off during the worst heat of the day which is nowhere near as bad as Vietnam. Its affordable and the food here is varying with some great fast food vendors like Nando's and A&W?

In fact - I like it so much we are staying. We don't know how long but at least another week. Why? Because we can, and because my crazy idea to fly all the way back to Japan and then China before heading to New Zealand may have been too much. We are starting to realize that our well being is more important than covering the globe and we feel comfortable where we are for the moment. New Zealand is still happening and that's just over a week away but until then we may just stay put and enjoy life in Malaysia. 

Its been almost a month on the road now and surprisingly the eating out all the time hasn't been detrimental. Lynden has done a stellar job of finding us healthy salads and fruits when we need to up our vitamin levels and we have gone to them gym a good number of times. Adapting to the style of life has gone as smoothly as we could ask but I'm hoping by the end we won't want to travel again for a long time (and sadly I don't think that will be the case).

Thanks for keeping up!

Petronas Towers


Taking a selfie waiting for a taxi after we had to cut short our walk due to construction