Hiccups Guaranteed

Hello from JFK airport. We are currently checked in to our first lounge of the journey, the Flagship Lounge in terminal 8. Its been a long and eventful week that is culminating in the most surreal of experiences.

I knew well before we left that there was never any certainty on each step of the journey. "Hiccups" are to be expected. This week was not without that moment. On Thursday night during our whirlwind of moving out of our apartment I managed to lose my wallet. Thankfully the minimalist that I am didn't keep much in the wallet and I only managed to lose two credit card and one debit card - all of which are being expedited to Singapore for our absolute convenience. I've always said having a passport is really all you need and I didn't lose that one yet.

Along with moving out was leaving the workplace for the extended break. It was certainly an unusual feeling to say goodbye to the people I see most often for that long a period but I couldn't be more appreciative of being granted this opportunity. Their willingness to manage without me and support through the whole process is really heartwarming. Sadly I hope nobody expects me to bring any gifts back to work because I have almost no room for my clothes as-is.

The last event of our week was a wedding which we were so lucky to attend along with many of our closest friends. It has afforded us a chance to celebrate with everyone before heading off to Asia. As an added bonus our upgrade cleared while we were all together and could have a drink to celebrate not being stuck in the back of the proverbial bus. By the end of the night it was just so hard to believe we would not see so many people for such a long time.

Of course we couldn't leave off the greatest support group of all - our families. It was yet another convenient turn of events in that with moving the cat and ourselves out of the apartment we were able to spend last weekend with Lynden's side of the family and this weekend with mine.

So here we are ready to take off. I'm trying to relax as best I can which is no easy task. We've already taken advantage of our first drinks and snacks to soak in the moment. I'll catch up again with the next update as we lounge hop through Los Angeles and Hong Kong en route to stop number one.


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