From Foreign Soil

Hello from Hong Kong International Airport. Just to keep everyone updated on our exhaustive list of airport lounges we spent Sunday night at the Qantas First Lounge in LAX. I cannot begin to explain how exceptional the staff were. We decided to partake in the a la carte dining experience from the bar where we sampled some Australian wines and house curated cocktails along with snacks.

Our 14+ hour flight in business class was quite successful. The flight also offered a meal service and given the late (early morning) departure time it seemed silly having a second, or third, dinner at 3am - but we did. Other than that the flight was most memorable for providing enough comfort to make arriving in Hong Kong not feel like a sleepless night. To be honest we felt rather decent but I can't vouch for whether that feeling is worth the price difference between economy and business.

Today's daunting task is proving the semi-intentional day long stay at the airport is worth our time. We landed a bit early and instantly jumped to the conclusion that we should just get on an earlier flight, however it now is clear why we chose the later option - it was the only one available as a code share for our itinerary.

Enough with the technical speak. Having arrived very early we got some steps in while making our way to The Wing First Class Lounge in hopes of putting our names down for one of the hard-to-get "cabanas". These cabanas are equipped with an enormous tub, rain shower, vanity, and day bed. It makes for an excellent opportunity to freshen up after a long stretch of travel.

After spending a majority of our morning going through our plans for the next few days in Singapore we went to our second a la carte lounge dining facility this time for breakfast. It was another sensational experience.

So if one first class lounge is good, two are better - no? With plenty of time to kill we found ourselves at The Pier. This refuge was a much smaller and a more intimate offering with a gorgeous marble bar and views of the runway. Like both of our prior lounges this also had an a la carte restaurant. Having finally hit the wall of jet lag we expected we decided to indulge in a late afternoon meal with hopes that it would replace any need for food until tomorrow. The menu offerings included a wagyu beef burger and a "beyond" burger. The person sitting nearest us managed to complain about the size of the burger, something that seems very unnecessary given they are free and you could just order a second. 

Our last flight of the day was sleep inducing and unremarkable given we were in economy and exhausted but it was great timing as we got in to Singapore and our hotel around 9:30pm allowing us to get into a normal sleep routine in preparation for day one.