T-7 Days To Go

Hi all -

It has been a beyond hectic couple of weeks for us but I wanted to check in and confirm that all things are still "go". We will be taking off from JFK Sunday afternoon and arriving landside in Singapore late Tuesday evening.

We have been hard at work with a few tasks, namely moving out of our apartment and resettling our cat Princess. Also transitioning from full time work has been a bit stressful. Thankfully everything seems to be working out and once we get on that first aircraft I look forward to both relaxing and providing more significant updates. And for those wondering our upgrade to Asia still has not cleared - as if we needed any more "first world problem" stress.

Just to run through the housekeeping items before we leave:

1. Subscribe or bookmark the blog to keep up to date and keep us in check. A blog requires participation from both the writers and their followers.
2. We have links to our instagram accounts on the left bar for those who enjoy social media. We will try to use that more often when on the move.
3. We will try set up a Google album to share images but also intend to attach media to the posts directly to keep everyone engaged.
4. Most importantly, reach out to us with feedback and questions. Commenting is enabled on the website and you can email us directly via the link below (or somewhere on the page).

We look forward to doing this live from the road in the future. It's going to be a lot of fun. Here's the list in order as is stands.


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