Itinerary Change!

What qualifies as worthy of a post? Well I could probably use the advanced statistics Google provides to determine if people are interested in what I'm writing or find it snooze-worthy. Or I could just indulge in the fact that I am blindly expressing my love of "luxury for less" to a group of maybe twenty or so people. Perhaps I'll just wait until September to see how quickly the readership drops off and at what post I was mathematically "wasting my time" (shout out to the maths people in my life).

Moving on. I got an email from our preferred domestic airline American with whom we hold almost top tier status telling me they partnered with Hyatt and we qualify for some version of status with them too! Neat. I kid you not I spent hours researching the Hyatt (pronounced like the thing you wear on your head perhaps) program, hotel portfolio, and potential areas to steal some value. Well I found it (and it took all of those hours). Turns out one of their newest soon-to-open properties is in Budapest and is heavily discounted through the award redemption option. I will spare you the gory details but I managed to book four nights using ~$500 worth of earned points for ~$1,800 worth of hotel stay. Now I will just stop typing words and segue to photos.

Folks, it pay$ to do your research. Did we need to stay at an over the top place like this? No, of course not, but when you're grappling with the likelihood of not having another chance to travel like this again for a good amount of time you (I) reprioritize. Thus, you have a small window into my mind and the art of a [tiny] itinerary change*.

*full disclosure that this is also refundable and is therefore subject to being replaced by the next great discovery