Trip Preview

The questions we most often find ourselves answering are where we are going and why we are doing this. The first question is much easier to answer than the second because anyone can share with you places to see and things to do. Nobody can tell you when to do it.

We had always known we wanted to do an extended travel of this sort. It took about a year and a half of talking and planning before we got to where we are today; an understanding that this might be the most practical window of time for this sort of experience. With money saved, summer break, and an understanding employer we landed on the summer of 2019.

Where we are going is more complex than just the list of countries we tell people. Its a combination of intended efforts, friends, food, sights, benefits, and expenses. Intended efforts is best explained by understanding our 2018 which was a whirlwind of travel with the intention of obtaining top tier airline status. This meant the possibility of international flight upgrades and business class award flights which built the backbone of our itinerary. From there we combined hotel points and credit card benefits to ensure that our stays in each location were both comfortable and affordable. We will be staying in varied housing from hostels to luxury hotels to apartments. A few of our stops will include visiting friends overseas and local friends who are coming thousands of miles to say hi. Overall the journey will take us to three continents, thirteen countries, and three seasons.

We will follow up with a few more 'preview' posts detailing things like itineraries, highlights, and logistics in the coming weeks. The journey officially begins on June 2nd and we will do our best to stay on top of updates - I mean we spent $12 on this domain we better use it! We also want to encourage our readers to ask questions and leave comments so we can provide posts of value. As for the name of this blog, its two parts: OneWorld - the alliance which we will primarily be flying on, and LeftBound - the direction we will be traveling around the globe (and we are both left handed).


  1. You have no idea how impressed I am with this piece of writing. It shows how well spent our money on your tuition was. You write beautifully, I can see you saying this as I read it. Unless Lynden wrote it all, then I am impressed and can tell the Bonds that their money was well spent!!! Seriously I look forward to many entries and it will help lessen the anxiety of the two of you roaming the world :-)


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